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Landscaping & Design - 107 employees - $1,268,000 in ERC

"I am a proud owner of an 107-employee landscaping company, and I couldn't be more ecstatic about my experience with Andy, CLRA Group and your team. You truly have been a life-saver for my business, qualifying me for an astounding $1,268,000 in ERC!

One of the most remarkable aspects of my journey with your company was your ability to overcome the misconception that I wouldn't qualify for ERC due to increased revenue during 2020/2021. I was constantly being told this by my CPA, other advisors and even other ERC Firms that I wouldn't qualify. I'm so glad I gave you a chance and didn't let those people stop me from getting ERC. During our first call, you were extremely confident that I was going to get ERC because of the 150 + Landscaping companies you have helped prior. Well, add me to that list of successful landscaping companies!

Your teams in-depth knowledge and understanding of the ERC guidelines allowed me to qualify for $1,268,000! I remember being in complete awe when I received the email of my ERC qualifications. I couldn't believe how much money I would be able to reinvest in my business, donate to my favorite local non-profit, provide better benefits for my employees and offer more services to my clients. These were all once on my "Wish List" and now it's coming true!

Not only did you and your team deliver exceptional results, but your dedication to customer satisfaction and personalized attention truly stood out. You were always available to answer my questions, provide guidance, and allowed me to sleep at night knowing I was being taken care of.

I highly highly highly recommend Andy and his team to do your ERC. As a business owner of 30 + years, they are the best in what they do. If you're being told that you don't qualify for ERC or if you're considering other firms, trust me, you want Andy and his team in your corner. They will not only maximize your ERC benefits but also provide you with incredible support and peace of mind.

Thank you for your outstanding service, doing what you said and helping me unlock the amazing benefits of ERC. I am forever grateful for the positive impact you have had on my business and what this will do for my employees and clients."

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Don't let your CPA, Accountant or another ERC Firm decide your ERC destination for you, especially if they are telling you that "You Don't Qualify."

The majority (80% +) of the businesses we help today get qualified for ERC were told that by their CPA, Accountant or another ERC Firm.

Contact us today so we can help you get qualified for ERC!

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