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CLRA Group Achieves Major Milestone: $1,000,000 in ERC Funding Bolsters Michigan Business!

CLRA Group is pleased to announce that we’ve just crossed the $1,000,000 mark of ERC funding to Michigan businesses and put back into the Michigan economy! We were able to do this through our partnership with the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) in providing assistance to their members in applying and getting qualified for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Program.

Our ERC Partnership with SBAM, which was launched just last month, has already helped businesses in a variety of industries qualify for ERC. This partnership marks a huge leap forward toward boosting the Michigan economy and helping small and medium sized businesses access the incredible ERC Program.

Business owners who qualify for ERC are able to invest the money into staff pay and bonuses, new equipment and new property. ERC can be used for any purpose, so Michigan business owners who qualify will be able to use the money to grow their business, further supporting their local economy.

Rodger Storteboom, President of Douglas & Son, Inc., who was able to qualify for $147,000 for his 10 employee 80 year old Paint and Wallpaper store gave a fantastic testimonial of his experience with CLRA Group saying, “In my 58 year career, this professional group ranks among the best I have dealt with, and I want to thank everyone at SBAM who vetted this organization for their members.”

Rodger, like many other business owners, received PPP loans and because of that thought that he wouldn’t qualify for ERC. But this is actually a common misconception about ERC. Businesses that received PPP can also qualify for ERC.

Another common misconception is that businesses which were considered Essential, grew during the pandemic, remained open or retained their employees will not qualify for ERC. This is probably the biggest misconception we come across everyday. The majority (80%) of businesses we help get qualified today for ERC were all told that they would not qualify because they had at least one of these characteristics during the pandemic.

We are able to help these businesses get qualified for ERC because of Category #3 - “Business Disruption as a Result of COVID.” If a business had Supply Chain Issues, Vendor Delays, Capacity Restrictions, etc, then you are able to qualify for ERC.

We recently helped a business owner of a 35 employee RV Supplier to qualify for ERC after he had record breaking years in 2020 and 2021. Our team was able to get him $732,000 in ERC that will be put back into the Michigan economy.

Michigan’s business landscape has a golden opportunity to qualify for this incredible Government Program - ERC. Our team stands ready to access businesses with their ERC needs. Exploring this avenue has no risk but huge potential rewards.

Thanks to SBAM’s detailed process to vet and approve their preferred vendors, Michigan business owners can rest assured that they have a trusted partner to assist them in applying for their ERC. With business owners receiving so many calls, emails and text messages from unknown companies about ERC, having a trusted partner is vital.

To explore the possibility of your business qualifying for ERC, contact us today. Your path to ERC benefits begins with a simple conversation.


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