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Are You Being Told by Your Accountant / CPA / ERC Firm that "You Do Not Qualify for ERC?" 

The majority (80%+) of the businesses we are helping get qualified today for ERC have all been told by their Accountants / CPAs / Other ERC Firms that they do not qualify for ERC!

ERC Video Testimonial

John, owner JL Tree Service, was told by his CPA that he did not qualify for ERC because he did not have a Significant Decline in Revenue.  He was considered Essential, grew during the pandemic and retained his employees.  We were still able to help his 85 employee company get qualified for $2,400,000 because of Category #3 - "Business Disruption as a Result of COVID."


The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Program is the largest government stimulus program in history.  Find out if your business is eligible to receive a tax refund of up to $26,000 per employee! It is not a loan, and there are no restrictions on how the money can be used.

Who We Are

CLRA Group is a consulting group in the Washington, DC area that provides professional guidance to small to midsize businesses, churches, private schools, and nonprofits on the Employee Retention Credit. CLRA Group partners with highly experienced CPA firms with in-house tax attorneys and other qualified professionals who use proprietary software to optimize this claim and ensure compliance and accuracy.

Get Qualified Today!

If you were considered an "Essential Business" and managed to retain all of your employees or even experienced increased revenue during 2020 and 2021, you may be surprised that we can still qualify your business for ERC.  Watch these two videos below to learn more.

Can an "Essential Business" Qualify for ERC?

Can I Qualify if I Retained My Employees and Stayed Open in 2020 / 2021?

ERC Preferred Partners

CLRA Group is proud to partner with Associations and Organizations across the country in offering our ERC Services to their business members.

SBAM Approved Vendor Logo.jpeg

The IRS management anticipated that approximately 70% - 80% of small and medium businesses (as well as tens of thousands of charities) were good candiates for taking the ERC...Small and medium businesses (as well as tax-exempt / charities) are leaving billions of dollars on the table." - Forbes, February 2022


Maximizing Your ERC:
Choosing the Right Partner is Key!

Website ERC Comparison - Andy Koepke.pdf (1).png

ERC Comparisons - Numbers Don't Lie!

We understand the significance of knowing precisely who is handling your ERC filing.  While it may be your trusted Accountant, CPA or even another ERC Firm, it's critical to recognize that the majority of them often overlook potential ERC funds that could greatly benefit your business. 


With our extensive range of value-added services and proven track record of delivering exceptional results, our Accountants / CPAs will handle your ERC filing on their behalf.  Before submitting your ERC paperwork, get a valuable 2nd ERC Opinion from us.  Don't make the same mistake that thousands of other business owners have already made.  

Website Comparison - No % - 15 Employees (1)_edited.jpg
Website Comparison - No % - 24 Employees_edited.jpg
Website Comparison - No % - 125 Employees.png
Website Comparison - No % - 220 Employees.png
Website Comparison - No % - 42 Employees_edited.jpg
Website Comparison - No % - 70 Employees_edited.jpg
Website Comparison - No % - 400 Employees.png
Website Comparison - No % - 325 Employees.png

Get Your 2nd ERC Opinion with Us!


15,000 +

Businesses have been helped!

5 years

Audit Protection to help protect against any IRS ERC Audits!

$7B +

Over $7,000,000,000 + in ERC funding secured!


In-house Proprietary Software built to maximize ERC which means more money for you!

$21,000 per W2

Accountants / CPAs / Other ERC Firms average $10,000 per W2 employee!

1,200 +

Businesses are getting helped every month!

Hurry Before It's Too Late....

Every day that goes by is less time for you to qualify for your ERC.  You waited long enough. It's time to get started right now!

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