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CLRA Group is a Certified ERC Affiliate Partner with Jorns & Associates in helping businesses qualify for the ERC.

There are many companies that offer tax credit and incentive consulting services. There are very few that are 100% focused on it. Jorns & Associates are comprised of tax credit veterans with decades of industry experience serving clients of all sizes and in virtually all industries.  Jorns & Associates specializes in helping employers obtain the ERC tax refund.

With an executive team made up of thought leaders who have made significant contributions to the tax incentives industry, Jorns & Associates’ mission is to provide the best service available and to achieve maximum value for its clients.

Our process involves researching each piece of legislation to understand the qualifications for each tax credit opportunity in-depth. This information is then recorded in our innovative, proprietary software so each client candidate, new hire, and location can be matched against the latest eligibility requirements and applicable incentives.

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